365. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 September 1993 at 7:24 AM. in Spanish.

My Bear. My Bear is going to come from the north. My Bear. He is going to come from the north with the flames of the devil, with the flames of everything that is filthy. Here comes the Bear. Yes, Reymundo here comes the Bear with his pointed teeth for the sheep. All the filthy things are ready, and here they come. They are now gathering with all that is evil.

Remember what I have told you. Here comes the Bear from the north, with the nails of the box to shut everything that is evil. He is here, the Bear. All the people of the world are going to become the Bear's, the Bear of the devil. For here comes the Bear with his feet pointed toward the Pit.

Run and hide yourself!, all Christians that Love Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit. Run!, and hide yourself in the manner of God, with the Fever of Heaven. For here comes the Bear. All the Seeds, all the Sheep, hide yourselves in the manner of God. Here comes the confirmations that I told about, so don't get scared. For there they are in front of your face. They are the gifts from Heaven.