355. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 September 1993 at 5:14 PM. in Spanish.

There it is. There it is My son. The things of Heaven. The things that are correct. The things that are from God, with the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. It has arrived, all the confirmations that I said I was going to give you. It has arrived. Get up! I have to tell you things in church. Get up, and get ready, and I will tell you more when you get to church for the time is getting short. And I, the God who made everything, the sky, the stars, with My Word, with the Holy Spirit. "I," I am going to call you in the manner of God.

The confirmation is going to come, the big one, that I told you about before in the days past. Don't get scared for what I say is going to happen in the manner of God. Eat everything that is bad, and repent, and pray, and pray, with everything that you have. It has arrived, all that I have told you in the manner of God. You have to point everything you have toward Heaven, your nose, your eyes, your ears, your prayers. For the day that the world is going to suffer has arrived. I want to tell you the things before they happen so you can make yourself strong in the manner of God. Hurry! Get up!, and get dressed.