308. Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 20 March 1993 at 2:49 PM.

Boy! I just had one of the most wonderful occurrences I have ever had. Oh Man! I am still shaking. I was walking around my bed praying in tongues for a few minutes, then my body just stops at the foot of the bed. Then I started singing in tongues for some reason. My lungs filled with a wind of air, and long sounds came out, almost a wailing. It felt so good, and so clean, and pure. Then it got louder, and louder, and I started feeling better, and better inside my lungs. I felt so clean, so pure, it was incredible.

Somehow I found myself out in deep outer space. Then the four fingers of Jehovah God appeared. He was holding this stone or rock. It was Bright, and Clean. Then He throws it down toward the Earth. Then my prayer language got louder and louder as I started feeling better and better inside. The singing in tongues sounded like the singing in Latin you hear in the Catholic Church.

Ah, it was incredible. The next thing I see is Christ, with a crown on his head. Ah it was awesome, just awesome, boy, was it awesome. He was in the clouds, or in space. I couldn't really tell, for some reason my prayer language just went crazy and I felt so good inside. Boy, did I feel good inside. Then it stopped there. Then there was a dead silence, and my body just stood there without a sound.

The next thing I know, my body starts shaking, like I was plugged into an electric outlet. It was so unbelievable how I shook. Then it stopped, and there was a silence once again, for a minute or so. Then for some reason my hands started to clap, and they clapped, and they clapped, and they clapped. I couldn't stop them; They just started clapping and clapping. Ah, that was incredible, then my body just fell on top of the bed. Oh man! I cannot explain this stuff, all I can say is, it's just incredible!