283. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 February 1993 at 8:03 AM. in Spanish.

I chewed, I chewed her, Reymundo, the lady, the lady that rents a room from you. I chewed her with the teeth of Heaven. I chewed her for the things of the mind, the things of the flesh, the things of the Body are the things that burn My Eyes. I chewed her.

You're not going to see her, but I am telling you, she is going to leave, and she is going to be quieted. For I am going to hit her with My Hand directly, and hard, and the man with her. Put it on your calendar. She is going to leave and she is going to be quieted, for I am going to hit her very hard with My Hand, like a fly, and the man also.

The things of God, no one is going to stop. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? I want you to look for My Son with your prayers, with your tears, with all that is from Heaven. You're not going to know when it's going to happen, but I am going to hit the both of them with the back of My Hand. I am going to push them down fast, and to the point.

For I protect what is Mine. That's all that I want to tell you. For I am not playing with the things you're doing. For they are the things of Heaven, are the things of your Father, of My Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and are to the point. That's all I want to tell you. Much happiness, My Reymundo.