280. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 28 January 1993 at 1:13 AM. in Spanish.

You know what? The lady doctor, the lady doctor is sick. Yes My son, the lady doctor, I told you about. The lady doctor, I told you about with My Lips is sick. Yes, the lady doctor is sick, Reymundo, if you look for her with the Heart of God. You are going to know that she has the love for your God, but she is sick, and she doesn't know what to do.

You have to tell her, that the God of Heaven, of the World, the One who made the stars, the One who made everything you see, that you touch, all. The One who made her body, He hears her with the ears, and the Tears of Heaven. Yes, Reymundo, She is sick, but I am the Doctor that can fix everything, tell her this. Tell her with your lips, with your hand, with what you write, tell her!

That I am the Doctor of Doctors, and I hear the tears she has. I can cure all, the diseases, and tell her to place her eyes on the God of Heaven with the Son, and the Holy Spirit. And I will show her the manner of God. The lady doctor that is sick, tell her, with your heart, with what you write, with your lips, the manner of God. Yes, Reymundo, the lady doctor is sick, and she doesn't know how to cure herself for she is afraid.

She believes she is going to die, but if she points everything she has in her body, her eyes, her ears, her faith, to the God of Heaven, the One which made everything, the One who made her body, He will cure her. Because He heard her tears of her heart. Yes, Reymundo. He will cure her, because He heard the tears. He heard all the prayers, that she has prayed with the tears of her heart.

Hear Me, Reymundo, write, and put down everything I tell you. For I want the lady doctor to read the Mind of your Father. For, tell her, that I Love her with all of My Heart, but I want her to point everything she has toward Heaven, and I will touch her, and I will cure her, exactly.

My son, thank you for the prayers. Thank you for writing everything that I tell you. I know you have worries of the things that are happening right now, but you too, point everything toward Heaven and I will show you the manner of God, and I will tell you, and I will give you the miracles that I told you. Yes, it is there, everything that I have told you I was going to give you. There it is in front of you.

I love you much, for you work hard, but everything is going well, Reymundo. The War of Heaven, the War of the World, all of it is how I fixed it. Everything is going like the Word of God wants. For I am going to close this world. And all the blood that is going to hit the floor, is all the blood of all that is evil. I am cleaning all that is evil in this world, and I am going to send everything that is evil to the Pit with the devil.

Look at the rabbits, the rabbits that run in the field. They run fast! That's the way of the Hand of your God, it's going to run fast. It's going to clean up everything that is filthy. Look at the rabbits that run in the field. Yes, My Son already knows what to do, for I have already told him.

Oh, My Reymundo, rest your mind. Rest. I know that you want to write more, and you don't want to do anything, but write all. I will help you, but rest My son, everything is going well. You're where I want you. Yes, My Reymundo, rest your body, your mind, and I will give you the gifts that I told you. Here comes the day of the gifts. Rest, Reymundo.