236. Vision and Occurrence of Raymond Aguilera on 27 November 1992 at 11:37 PM


I was having Communion with a friend, when all of a sudden I started having a vision of tables with white tablecloths. They were placed in a circle, enough tables to seat thirty to fifty people. They had torches burning at each table. The people were in all white uniforms and hoods like what the Ku Klux Klan wear. They were all standing behind their tables in a circle chanting, or something, and in the center of this large circle of tables there was a drawing of a star with a circle around it.

I stopped having Communion, and I got up from the table where I was, and went in the living room and started to pray, because the Lord said they were praying against me.

The Lord said "Go back and finish having Communion with your friend." Then after Communion the Lord said, "Now go pray against them."

So after we finished Communion, my friend and I started to pray on the living room floor against this ceremony. I don't know how long we prayed against it, maybe twenty minutes, but after this time of prayer each person that was around this circle of tables got up in a single file and went out the door.

This whole event didn't last very long. Then the Lord revealed to me, the reason for my fasting and praying for two days. I guess He knew they were going to pray against me at twelve midnight, that evening. It's unbelievable to me this whole occurrence, the vision, the revelation of what was going to happen. I didn't have a clue to the reason of my fasting and praying, but I obeyed that quiet soft little voice.

I wasn't sure why I did, but I just knew, I had to fast and pray. I had the same impression on both days, so I fasted and prayed. It wasn't until the end of the second day, almost at midnight that the Lord revealed the reason during Communion prayer. He said He would protect me, and so far He has. I just don't understand the ways of the Lord. That's all.