235. Vision and Dream given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 November 1992 at 12 noon.


A vision of someone holding a hand gun.


A dream of a man and woman. Someone was giving me instructions on "How man has a trait that draws man to woman, people to people." That brings society together. I was shown the word for this. It was spelled out. I remember trying to pronounce the word and couldn't. That's why I call it "This something." I just couldn't pronounce it, no matter how hard I tried. It started with the letter E. That "Something" makes people gather together. It was installed in the human race.

Then, I was shown insects and how insects had this same "something" that drew them together, but they had a little less of it, but even though, insects go off on their own, after they are born. They always have "this something" that draws them back to the same species. Everything, that has ever existed had it. A very unusual dream. Then there was a storm and a wooden car appeared, but it looked like a bus. It was made out of wood and the people that would ride it would have to sit on wooden seats. It had no roof. It had a canvas top. It was an open bus. They drove me with someone else, some place. Then we were shown again that all people have "this something." That everything has it, no matter how independent, how individual you are, "this something" kept you bonded to the group, to the race, to the society. I don't understand the dream outside what I said. It sounded like common sense.