204. Prophecy, Dream, and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 5 September 1992 at 7:19 AM. in English.


I had a dream of a building in a rundown part of Richmond, California. My sister and another woman were with me. We went into this old shack with two small rooms. One room was about ten foot by ten foot and the other was about half that size. There were old wooden filing cabinets, weather beaten and cracked, but there was nothing in them. The building seemed to be empty, but I somehow sensed it wasn't. It was as if we had gone back into time. It was dark inside. The walls were of exposed wood, and the floor was made of wooden boards. There was order inside and nothing was broken, but the filing cabinets were empty.

It looked as if someone had been doing business there, but no one was around. As we were leaving, My sister and this lady kept wasting time by talking. It was late in the evening, but it wasn't dark, as if it was daylight saving time. It was around eight o'clock. It was still late and night was approaching, but there was still plenty of daylight.

Then out of nowhere, a Police officer, or Ranger of some kind, arrived and started asking us questions. For some reason we went inside the small building. The lady, my sister, the officer, and I were all startled, because in the larger room there were bar stools along the walls and in the center of the room that weren't there before. Somehow we were not in Richmond, California, anymore. We were back in the sixteen hundreds of England, I believe. It was kind of a work shop with a bunch of stools, with young Children sitting and working. They had their tables all organized and they were making noise, tapping and putting and assembling things together.

Then as we looked into one corner of the room there was an older boy. He was about fourteen years of age. He was wearing shorts, had no shoes, and an old torn shirt. He was carrying this big sponge and he had these little boys against the wall. This one little boy was frightened. This older lad was giving them a sponge bath. He had this little section in this little corner of the room, with some of the little Children lined against the wall, and he was washing them, one at a time.

It seems to me that he was taking care of them. There must have been fifteen or twenty Children. They looked like they were from four through ten years of age. The ones that were working, were wearing ragged old clothes like what you see in the old books written about England in the sixteen hundreds. I guess they call them child work shops, but this was not like that. It was like an orphanage, but not really an orphanage.

It was as if this boy took it upon himself to wash and take care of these small Children. For they were working, but like I said, the older Lad was a child himself. I Remember, we were questioning him and he couldn't answer us. We took him in the other room, and He said he was working. He wanted to know who we were.

We asked him how long he had been there, for it looked as if they had just found an empty building and set up shop. He looked up and said he had been there since something or the other. It didn't make sense. I asked what year he had come, again. He said some year which made no sense. He seemed to be evading the question, but he seemed to be telling the truth, that he came in that year. He acted as if he was not educated. Then, the next thing I knew, He walked outside. I followed after him because he started to cry. The Ranger started to look for him.


Something unusual is happening to my body as I speak into my tape recorder. I sense the Presence of the Lord.


What came to my mind was that they were locked into time. They were working and this young boy was taking care of them. I asked, "What's the name of your company, your business?" He said, "This is the Toby House," with a where have you been sort of look. "Everybody knows this is the Toby House," He said. I had a sensation they were going to disappear for some reason, but they didn't. A real bizarre dream. Very Bizarre.

I could sense the boy sensing, "I didn't do anything wrong, I am just taking care of my brothers and sisters, the homeless, the ones that have no one." "What did I do wrong?" This is the impression I kept getting from him, from his eyes, from the fear in his body. They were all frightened. You could see it in there eyes, there faces were saying what's going on, because they noticed that we were strangely dressed.

It looked like they were mending and tapping on their little things. They were dirty, but they were organized. Six to a row and there were about four rows. In this one corner this little boy didn't want to be washed, and this young Lad was taking it upon himself to wash him. He had this big sponge, as if he was saying to the little boy, get ready, because, it's coming at you. The little boy covers his face and eyes. So the young lad started washing him.

He had a sincere love for his brothers, but they weren't his brothers. It looked like they were Children from the streets, and they were all just making it, trying to survive. I believe that they weren't in Richmond, California, at all. They were back in England someplace. Someplace called Toby House. This is one of those very real and unusual dreams that leaves an impression on your mind. I guess he was taking care of street Children and he was a street person himself. He was doing whatever he could do, but he was a child himself, with determination.


I don't know the significance of the dream, but I believe I am Prophesying. For my body has goose bumps all over.


The Lord said, "Feed My Sheep, the little ones, the ones that have no one. They're babies, the little ones, the babies, somebody has to take care of them."


I cannot understand, but I am crying and I cannot stop. I don't understand! What's going on? I can't stop crying. The Presence of the Lord is extremely STRONG!


Reymundo! This is Jehovah, the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the Holy Spirit. "Remember the Dream!" Implant it into your mind. "Remember their faces." For the day will come when the people in the large cities, the Children, will live like you see in your dream. It was not England. It will happen in the future, in the large cities, in the cities where the Beast will devour the Body.

Groups of Children will band together to try to survive, for the times ahead for the Body of Christ, for the world, will be severe. Listen to My Words, the day of Armageddon is fast and steadily approaching this Planet. The vengeance of the devil, Satan will try to destroy all that is good, all that is righteous. Document this Dream, Prophecy, Occurrence. "Remember the dream." "Remember the event." (Non-understandable tongues?)

This is Jehovah, Creator of the Universe. Creator of the Stars, Heaven, the World, of the Universe. My Heavenly Angels will protect you, will guide you through the dark days, through the valley of death. Pray and Pray and Pray for your Lord will never forsake you. Jehovah God's Word does not Lie.

Turn to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Repent of your Sins. Look to My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth with your whole heart, mind, and soul. He is your cover, through the Holy Spirit you will find Me, Jehovah. With tears in My Eyes, listen to the Prophecies. Listen To the Dreams, Listen to the Occurrences and PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY AND PRAY!