178. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 August 1992 at 1:38 PM. in Spanish.

Love. Love. The love of the devil is here. The love of the devil is here. All of the world has love for the devil. They think a lot of themselves. They believe they know it all. For they have the love of the devil, but what they don't know is that there is a God that made everything, the Father of everything, with the Son and with the Holy Spirit. He is the TRUE GOD. The God of righteousness, of truth, the God of everything that is Good and Clean.

You believe you know it all because you have the love of the devil, but there is going to come a time as certain as My Name is written in the Bible, with My Son, with the Holy Spirit that I am, I am, I am, and I am going to show you who is the God. For I am going to send your god and you to the pit. For you didn't do what's Good and what is Clean. For everything that is Mine is Clean, it's Correct and it is Straight.

You didn't do what My Son told you to do, to repent of your sins and to look for the God who made Heaven, the World, the Stars, all that is, and all that's going to be. For the Road to Me is My Son the Christ Jesus. I sent Him, and He went, for He had the Love of His Father. He died for you, for the sins, for all that is bad in the World. He gave you a chance, so you could save yourself.

You didn't open your eyes. You didn't open your ears. You didn't open your heart. That's why I am going to send you, with your god the devil, of all that is evil, and the two of you are going to live in Gehenna. Remember what I told you. For I am tired of all that is evil. I am going to gather all of My Sheep, all the Ones which Love Me and Love My Son, and the Holy Spirit, and We are going to start over again. Don't say I didn't tell you that I didn't give you a chance, for I told you, I told you, I told you and you buried your head in the sand. That's why I am going to bury your body and head because you didn't hear Me. This is the straight Word and the truth.

I AM TELLING YOU WITH TEARS FOR I LOVE YOU WITH ALL OF MY HEART, but if you don't love Me, you don't love Me and there is nothing that I can do. For I want you to love Me with your heart and you have to do it by yourself, but I will give you the Law for My Son. The Holy Spirit will show you with the Force of God, the straight manner, the correct manner. If you are blind, if you are deaf, I am going to send you with tears to the pit.

It's going to hurt My Heart what I have to do, but I only want what is Clean and the Ones that love Me. I am telling you with tears. Remember that!

I am telling you with tears in My Eyes. For I am going to cry for what I have to do. IT'S GOING TO BREAK MY HEART for what I have to do.

But the right manner is the right manner and you cannot change that. You cannot think of anything else but the right manner. For what is right is right and that's all, and what is clean is clean. I am going to give you a chance to repent. For this Prophet, My son Reymundo, has started to send them all over the World. He has his computer ready to send them and he is going to start.

For I have already appointed the day that I am going to clean everything. So don't say I didn't give you the chance of My Heart. For the day is here that all that is bad is going to be cleaned. What is clean is going with Me to Heaven. What is filthy is going with the god, the devil to the pit, for all the days that there are days, and you're going to suffer.

BELIEVE ME! You're going to suffer with the devil. You believe you know it all, if you believe in the devil; YOU KNOW NOTHING. I am telling you the truth. I don't care if you're a President or if you're a Pastor or a King. I don't care! I am going to clean all, if you believe in Me or if you believe in the devil. NO ONE is going to stay in the Middle, they are going to one place or the other.

Did you hear Me? I want to tell you once more. Only what is clean is going with Me, IF YOU WANT TO GO TO HEAVEN WITH ME, repent of what's evil, of the evil manners that you have lived. Look for My Son Jesus, your Christ, and jump onto the Ark straight and fast. For you will save yourself if you are on the Ark, but you have to repent and you have to correct your evil ways. For I just want what is clean and what is righteous. My Sons and Daughters, did you hear Me?

For the devil will eat you with his pointed teeth. You believe you have suffered here. Wait until the day you go to Gehenna. That's where you will really suffer, but you have the chance now to repent. Look for your Brothers, your Sisters that don't know Me and show them how to jump onto the Ark. Right now this Minute! Tell them not to wait, for the day of the Ark is here.

My Son is going to come to pick up the Ones that are clean and the correct ones in the manner of God, the Father, the Holy Spirit and with the Son. All the Ones that love Us are going to live in Heaven. I tell you with the Love of My Heart, but I am going to cry with tears, if I lose you. That's all, I am going to tell you on this date at this time.

For the Ark is here and the war in Heaven has started and the war has started here in this world of yours. My Son, with all the Angels, is cleaning everything, for I have given Him His Orders to Clean. They are cleaning everything, but the day of suffering is going to hit this world. Remember what I have said. The war is going to hit this world very hard and everyone is going to suffer that lives in the time of the war of the devil.

REMEMBER WHAT I TELL YOU. This is your Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit. Get up, look for your Brothers and Sisters, and jump onto the Ark this minute if you want to save yourself. This is your Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit, your God.