171. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 July 1992 at 12:02 PM. in Spanish.

The irritable branch ate the pill of God. Now she's going to start to heal. For She did what I said years ago, but She has to pray. She has to look for Christ with all her mind, all her heart, and with all that she has. For God, the Holy Spirit, the Father, the Son; the Spirit will protect her if she does what I tell her.

For the manner of God sometimes is hard, but if you do what He tells you, all will go well, with your spirit, with your mind, with all that you have. For the manner of God is Correct and is Straight.

Hear Me! Hear Me, now she has drank the pill of God. The day that she cleans herself is going to be the day that she calls you with the tears. Did you hear Me? The day is here now with the tears of God. She is going to call you. For what your God says is going to happen.

No one can change what God says, all the Prophecies are going to happen exactly as you wrote them, Reymundo. All the Letters, all the Words are going to be exactly as I told you. For your God doesn't Lie and your God wants to help you so you can save yourself with the Holy Spirit and the Son.

This is your Father telling you the Truth. For the day that Faith is going to test you is here. I want My Saints to make themselves strong, to pray, read the Bible and to look for their brothers and sisters that need help. Did you hear Me? My Sons, My Daughters, with tears of love I am telling you the truth. This is your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.