161. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 July 1992 at 1:47 AM. in English.

I need for you to see into the future so you can warn My Saints of the things that will be. I will show you. I will guide the Holy Spirit, for the Power of the Holy Spirit is Invincible. It's Direct! It's to the Point. Listen and pay attention, observe, document everything to your best ability. For the Power of the Holy Spirit is working through your lips, through your spirit.

The Word of Jehovah is and will always be Absolute. So be Strong, be Brave and type what is said to you in the manner in which the Holy Spirit tells you. Stay in Prayer, place the Armor of God on, be Good, be Righteous. For you are doing a good job. I will be sending more people to help you as the work load increases, with equipment and supplies.

For nothing in the Universe can stop the Word of Jehovah. The Creator of the Heavens, of the Universe, of everything that is, of everything that will be. For the evil in this Planet has gone on long enough. I, Jehovah, the Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit, will correct all the evil that has been done. We will separate the good from the bad. We will place the good in Heaven and the bad in the pit.

So My Saints read the Bible, study, talk to your Brothers and Sisters. Instruct them in the ways of your King of Kings and your Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For He is the Path. He is the Way to Heaven, THE ONLY WAY to Heaven. Help your Brothers and Sisters with Love, with Patience, and guide them. The Holy Spirit will help you.

Stay in prayer for the time of the Beast is upon you, will be upon you very soon. Pull the Body of Christ together. Make yourselves strong, for the day will be upon you without notice. So be wise, be strong, be brave, for the Power of the Holy Spirit will be with you.

So My Lambs, My Sheep, study, and learn, for your Father will instruct you through the Prophets, through My Spoken Word, in the coming days, coming weeks, and coming months. You will be instructed on the ways and the manners of the beast. For you need to know before it happens. YOU HAVE TO BRING THE BODY OF CHRIST TOGETHER NOW! Don't wait for pastors or theologians to show you, for they are blind and deaf. YOU, MY CHILDREN, MY SHEEP, MY LAMBS, I AM ASKING YOU to search and look for your brothers and your sisters that don't know Jesus Christ.

Inform and instruct them and Love them. The Holy Spirit will show you, for if you wait for the leadership of the Church, you will find the pit. Remember, what I am saying, take the initiative. Do it on your own; feed and clothe the ones on the street that are hungry, that need clothes, the sick, and the old. Do what Christ did when He was with you.

For the leadership of the Church will never do it, so I am asking the Body to listen to My Words, and read the Prophecies. Do it for your Father in Heaven, for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Do it for yourself. Do it for the Love of your brother and sister, your mother, your father. For this Planet will be shaken up from top to bottom.

I want the good ones, the ones who really Love their God with their whole Heart, Mind, and Soul, to take the initiative to tell their brothers and sisters the true meaning of Love, the meaning of Love of their Father, Jehovah, of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and of the Holy Spirit. Will you do that for your Father My Children? Will you do that for Jehovah your Creator, your God, with Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit?

For We Love you. For We will protect you. For We will guide you. Time is your enemy in these closing hours, days, and years. For the time of the Beast is at hand, he is not waiting ONE SECOND to decide what he is going to do; so you have to prepare TODAY. NOW! Go knocking on doors. Go on the street, do whatever has to be done to win your brothers and sisters to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit will guide you, will direct you.

For I love you much. I protect you much, and the hour has come that I promised your father's, fathers, father would come. Be wise, be smart, remember Noah. Read the Book of Genesis. The Story of Noah will tell you how people didn't believe and look what happened to them for their unbelief. The day of Noah is upon you.

Be wise, be smart, be good, for I love you so much. I gave you My Only Begotten Son to save you. Remember, "NOAH." Remember My Son Jesus Christ with Words of Love. I ask you, save yourselves. So saith Jehovah, Creator of the Universe, of all that is, of all that will be. Farewell, My Children, My Sheep, My Lambs.