157. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 15 July 1992 at 2:18 PM. on Wednesday in Spanish.

Ark! Ark! My son the day went well for you. I know you cannot make any more Prophecies for your computer needs the part to do them. What's going to happen? People are going to help you. They are going to help you more. For no One can stop My Word. How did you like the confirmations that I gave you? I said I would give them to you. I know that you were frightened. For now you know. It's your Father from Heaven, of the World. The One who made the Stars. The One who made everything.

I know you have joy, but you have to trust Me. I know it is hard, but I will show you things of the Spirit that no One knows. For the day is here that was stated in the Bible when everything would end. The young men were going to see and dream things of God. That's what you are doing for Me. You're giving confirmation to the Bible. I know that there are many that won't believe you, but that's not important to you if they believe you or not.

For there is a place for people that have a hard head and heart. They think a lot of themselves right now. So don't say anything, shut your eyes and ears. For there is going to be a day they will live with the devil and they are going to suffer. You're going to live with God in Heaven and everything will go well for everyone who listens to you, but they're not hearing you. It's My Word, the Word of your God, you are saying.

I know that it gives you joy when people greet you. It gives you joy because they believe you. But that's the work of the Holy Spirit that places that spark in the hearts; the ones that are going to go to Heaven with Me. It gives them joy for the Holy Spirit is doing the work of Me, also.

The ones who get mad. The ones which close their eyes and ears. The ones which won't talk to you for they are walking round with their chest sticking out thinking they know so much. That chest of theirs is looking for the pit and the pit is where they are going to live. For they think a lot of themselves and they aren't doing what My Son told them. My Son told them not to place themselves above others and to make themselves lowly. For that's the way My Son told you in the Bible.

For the ones that think a lot of themselves are going to find the pit. For that's the way of the devil, their king. It's not important if they believe in the Name of Christ or not, for their chest is not of Christ. Christ didn't walk with his chest stuck out. He was born lowly and grew up lowly and lived lowly, that is the way of God.

I know there are going to be pastors and people that think they know the Bible. They're going to talk down to you as if you don't know a thing. They are going to stand there with their expensive clothes, with rings and with big words telling you about God. Telling you that you don't know a thing. For that's the way of the devil. The devil thinks a lot of himself and he likes to talk down to people, but look Reymundo.

The God of Heaven, of the World, with My Son and the Holy Spirit are protecting you. Do not fear, for when everything is finished, I know where you will be; where you're going to live and I know where they are going to live, the people with their chests sticking out, the people that think a lot of themselves. It isn't important which word they are saying. Their word is of the devil and all of the devil is going to live in the pit, in Gehenna.

I want you to hear Me, and I want you to remember. For there are people in this world that nothing that you tell them is going to change their minds. For they have their hearts so hard and their head also, and no one can tell them a thing, just the devil because that's their god. I don't want you to suffer for people like that. For I already have a Place ready for them.

Look for and send the Prophecies to the Places I tell you. You'll be startled because there many people who want to hear the Word of God, but they don't know where to go. Some don't know how to pray, and others do not know the Bible. Some do not have Bibles, others have Bibles, but they do not read them. They all have the hunger to hear of God, the God of the World, of the Stars, of all that is and of all that's going to be.

For I am the God of everything, for I made everything with the Love of My Heart. I am always holding out My Hands for your word, your eyes, your ears to show My Sheep and My Seeds; that I do live and I have always been here. With My Outstretched Arms, I am going to gather them and I am going to place them in the Ark. My Son is going to lift them and He is going to bring them to Me.

Only the Clean Ones and the Ones that believe in their Heart, not in their lips, only in their Heart. For the Heart is what I see, words are nothing. Only the Heart, that's the tongue of God. The Heart of the Spirit that's Clean and is Straight. The people who have hunger to know Me; they are going to know Me for your word Reymundo, but have hope and patience.

The day is here that I am going to gather My Sheep. For the times are going to become very hard and the devil is going to want to kill everything. The day of the devil is here now and if the Body of My Son doesn't come together and make themselves strong, the devil will hit them very fast.

We are going to start with the Word of God. I know that's hard at times and I know that it is easy at times. I know that the devil wants to kill you. I know the devil wants to choke you. I know the devil wants to cut your tongue, but do not worry about the devil. I just want you to do what I say and everything will go well and easily.

For I have many people praying for you. I have many people taking care of you, with money, with the computer, and just with ears. Just hear Me and write what I tell you, in the manner that I tell you, and everything will go well. Don't worry about anything, just your Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit. Did you hear Me, Reymundo? Do not worry for anything, pastors, people, the devil, of nothing, for you God can fix everything.

For He made everything and I know everything that happens. Nothing happens without My Eyes knowing what it is. For the Mind of God is everything and it knows everything. He has the Love of everything. The Word, "ALL," is a very big Word. I the God of everything; I am more than everything, more, more, more, than everything. More than your mind could believe, but that's another story.

The Love of your God is going to fix everything and He is going to straighten it. The time is coming that I will close this World. For the cries of My Saints are ringing in My Ears and I cry with the Love of My Heart. The day is here that the Book of Heaven is going to open, and the Book of the World is going to close. All the Ones that Love Me with their hearts are going to live with Me. All the ones that like the devil are going to live with the devil for all the days that there are days.

My Happiness to you and your family, and to your new family. Don't worry about anything just pray with your heart. For I will hear you with My Heart. I know what you need, and when you need it. Don't worry for I know your mind. For you worry about everything, but that's the way of Man. I know that you are stronger than before. I Love you with My Heart for you're My son and I know that you're walking on water.

Make yourself strong for My Son is there, to your right, just raise your hand and He will lift you up. For there are many Saints in the world that are going to lift you with prayers and with tears. For they want to help you with the Faith of God, the Father of everything. Tell everyone that wants to hear the Word of God, with the Love of God. For the God of the World, of the Stars, Loves all of you, with the Love, with the Love, with the Love of everything that there is, of all that has been, of all that will be.

For My Love for My Saints, you cannot tell when it will stop for My Love never stops. It goes for all the time that there is time. With that type of Love tell them that their Father Loves them. My Heart hears the cries of My Saints until the end of the World.

This is your Father. I told you in the Bible that I would warn you when I was going to close this World. The date is almost here. I want you to get ready. I want you to get your family ready, your friends, and all the ones that love Me. I want them to gather in houses and pray to their Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. For I am going to close this World. They are going to get scared at first, but the ones who love Me will know what's happening.

For My Prophecies are going to tell you things that are going to come. I want you to put your ear to the ground, your eyes in Heaven and watch the Miracles of your God. For the Day of My Son has arrived and He is going to come on the cloud as it says in the Bible, but there is time of suffering also. That's why I want them to gather in houses and pray and protect yourselves. Protect your brother and your sister for the devil is going to want to eat you, but pray. My Son is coming on the cloud as I told you.

Are you awake or did you fall asleep? Wake up! For if you fall asleep the devil will eat you and that's the truth. Don't fall asleep, with your wide eyes look for your brothers and sisters that don't know the Word of God. Start TODAY, THIS MINUTE, for time is running out. You have to believe Me. For it's the truth.

My Happiness to My Saints. This is your Father, the Father of everything with My Son and the Holy Spirit. I'll see you in Heaven. When you arrive, I'll give you a Kiss and I'll Hug you, and I'll show you the World of Heaven. Did you hear Me? This is your Father with Love on My Lips. I am telling you all that is the truth.