154. Prophecy, Vision, and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 July 1992 at 5:37 PM.


During prayer time, I started having a vision. I could see thousands and thousands of people gathered around this area. They look like a bunch of ants, there were so many of them, and I could see a group of them coming down this road. I mean there were thousands and thousands of people.


I see a face of a wolf with an angry and scary looking face staring at me. He doesn't look very happy. I see a vision of an elephant with his trunk wrapped around this pillar, and he pulls this pillar down and swings it. I see a serpent, and it looks like a rattlesnake with it's mouth open. I can see it's fangs. I don't see it eating anything, it only has its mouth open.


The Lord just revealed to me that the serpent is going to fight the Arch Angel in South America. I don't understand what He means.


Right now I feel like I am under heavy attack. I am so confused, the oppression is getting intense, but I'll keep on praying and try to record what I see. I haven't the foggiest idea of what's going on, but I can feel a pressure, the sensation of something trying to shut me up. My desire to pray has left me. This instant I see this enormous looking creature that I saw before in another vision. It looks like the SST airplane. It's real large and long with a mast, and its just flying.

I don't know.... I just don't know! I feel like I am right smack in the middle of a War. I just don't know whether to go on praying or to stand still or to hang it up. It's like you're in the middle of something beyond your comprehension. The Lord is showing me stuff.

I see a vision of a Ram. No, it's two Rams. They are locking horns. They are hitting each others head extremely hard. I hear this sound echoing, as they're trying to crack each others skull. What does this mean?

I see a big dark Cloud in the spiritual sky.

Whoever reads this better pray. You better pray that the Lord gives you the wisdom and the knowledge of what I am seeing, because I am at a loss! This minute there must be a heck of a battle going on some place in the spirit world. I don't know if I am getting the repercussions, but my skin has goose bumps all over, and my body has a trembling sensation.

I see something like a two headed dragon, no, it has three heads. It has three heads and I believe it has two tails. I don't know!... What is going on? I'll just keep on praying. I feel this tingling sensation on my body. I just don't know! I just don't know! What is going on? I feel like I got stabbed in the neck. I was going to record it and something said, "Don't record it." Something tells me I should.

I am seeing things and I don't know whether they are real or fantasy; creatures that look like they're right out of a science fiction film. I just wonder if I am making them up, but they look so real. I just don't know! Something just hit me in the neck though. I'll keep praying. I can't believe it's 6:06 PM. I got hit again in the neck somehow. I think there is a War going on in the Spiritual World.

I see the sky being filled with these black things, these creatures. You can't even see the sky.

The sky is so full of them, and they all combine and they form into a black creature, a vulture of some sort.

I keep seeing these arrows. There are hundreds and hundreds of arrows filling the sky. I believe Angels are shooting arrows at it. Why are they using arrows? I don't know, but that's what is flying through the air. Maybe that's what it means in the Bible when it says, "The sky would be darkened." For I cannot see much sky, only this black thing.

I believe this is a War I am watching, between God's Angels and Satan. It looks like a big battle. I can't see the Angels. I just see the arrows. I do see the creatures and the dark shadows, there is a swarm of them. I wonder if this is for real? It looks real! Something just hit me in the neck. Evidently there is a War going on in the Spirit. I don't even know why I am allowed to see what I am seeing. I just got hit in the ear. My ear is killing me. I am going to pray this out to see what happens. Wow! This is crazy, my body is shaking all over the place.

I see these white horses running. Ah, a whole herd. They're just running, but my body is just..., I don't know..., I don't know, something is hitting me. Something is... I don't know, I cannot explain it! My ear is starting to hurt, and my neck is starting to hurt, but I see this tremendous warfare.

I guess I see Arch Angels riding white horses running lickety-split through the sky. It doesn't make sense. They're moving fast and it looks like nothing can stop them. The horse's mane is flowing with the wind. How they can run in the sky is beyond me. They are chasing something. You cannot hear a sound, but you can sense the Power in their Stride. It's incredible! It's incredible! Whoever they are chasing, they better move.

I believe Christ is in the front. I see this enormous White Horse. For a minute, I thought it had two heads. That doesn't make sense. I thought it had two heads. Something there has two heads. I don't know..., What is going on? I see that the sky is breaking up. Those black creatures are running every which way.

I can see the sky now. Can this be a War I am seeing in the sky? Whatever was there is gone. The sky is clear now. That was fast.

I am trying to comprehend what I see and I can't even put words to it. I see this enormous white light. I don't know if it is the sun or God Himself. This is an enormous Bright Light.

My body is shaking, I can't even hold on to the tape recorder. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?----------WHAT 'S HAPPENING TO ME? You wouldn't believe me, if I told you. That must have been the Presence of God. MAN! It knocked the wind out of me! I am going to turn the tape recorder off. I have to catch my breath.

6:18 PM. I am back. I have goose bumps all over my body. I think,--- I got a glimpse of Jehovah. If it was Him or just an image of Him, I felt his Glory and my body just fell apart. I saw this enormous White Light. I thought it was the sun. Then my body started shaking so hard I couldn't hold on to the tape recorder. THE POWER OF GOD IS ENORMOUS. I felt no fear. You have to experience it. I can't describe it. Wow! I guess that's all I can say, Wow! I am all tired out. I feel great though, I am laughing and just feel good inside. I cannot explain it. I feel like every single hair on my body is standing on end. As if I am all charged up. It was only a second.

I can't explain it, I saw this White Horse, then as it stepped aside, or it went away, this White Light came from the sky like the sun and my body went crazy. TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY CRAZY! Man! I can't explain this! You wouldn't believe me if I told you, over and over, and drew you pictures. I can't explain this! How can an image of a Light do that to you! But I feel Peace and Calm. Just the Power! God! My God! I know I didn't fantasize it! You can't fantasize that! I couldn't even hang on to the tape recorder. I don't understand!

You people that don't believe in God, Boy, are you in bad shape. Man..., Oh Man! That's all I can say! I have to calm my body down. I don't think I'll pray any more for a while. I don't know if I can take any more. I wish I was a writer or a poet, or, I wish I could describe in words what I saw, it's unbelievable. I can see why Satan is scared of God, oh Man!

That was just a second or two. Can you imagine the Power of God twenty four hours a day radiating over all the Universe. To you, it might be words, but that's incredible! Man! I think God would get a lot of instant converts if He just showed himself.... I really do! I am laughing when I say that because its the Truth. If He showed Himself to the Planet for a couple of seconds everyone would fall to the ground face down. I can see why they fell in the Bible like that. Wow!

It confuses me why He puts up with Satan. Why doesn't He just snuff him out? ABSOLUTE POWER! ABSOLUTELY! Wow! I know, I keep saying Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! How else can you describe God. With my limited vocabulary that's all I can say. Wow! I guess that's all! I have to get myself together.


Right after this last occurrence, I was worn out physically and kind of shook up a little. I guess I am not used to these spiritual happenings. I needed someone to talk to. For I was trying to get myself back to normal. I didn't know who to call. So I called Lilly, a lady from my church. What surprised me, is at the exact time that I was going through this occurrence, she went into travail. I talked to her for about an hour after this occurrence.

She said that as she was walking down her hallway she started to cry and pray in tongues. She said she knew she was interceding in a Spiritual War, but she didn't know for who. She said the warfare was so extremely intense she went into a bedroom and started to pray and intercede. She said the warfare was so strong that she knew she couldn't do it by herself. She was alone at home except for her young grammar school son, so she went into her kitchen, gabbed her son and went back into the bedroom. To her surprise, her son dropped to his knees and started crying and praying.

She said she didn't know who she was praying for, but she prayed to the Lord to let her know. To her surprise I call her. Evidently she was praying for me. I guess when I started getting attacked in the head and neck she went into travail. It's amazing how the Lord does these things. He picks people to pray for you and you don't even know it, even little Children. He uses whoever is available. It really surprised me when she told me what happened. The two events started almost at the exact time. This whole thing is incredible. Well, I guess that's about it.