151. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 9 July 1992 at 8:18 AM. through 9:34 AM. Occurrence, Vision, and Prophecy in English.


About seven o'clock this morning while lying in bed my hand started to shake and extend out to the edge of the bed at ninety degrees from my body during prayer time. It is hard to explain but I am lying on my back with my right arm extended. It feels as if a spike has been driven through my palm and every now and then it shakes. It has been in that position for a half hour to forty-five minutes. I cannot move, for my right arm seems to be permanently fixed to the bed.

8:38 AM. My arm is still extended. I feel some pain at the palm but I am having visions. I am seeing a battle. I am seeing people on horses throwing spears and shooting arrows. I see horses and riders falling. There is a fierce battle going on. I don't know who is who. I see a rider wearing black, riding a white horse. I don't know if he is a good guy or a bad guy. I see only half of the battle. I can't see what's going on with the other side of the battle. I see someone stretching a bow and arrow and shooting straight and hard. He is shooting to the left as I am facing him. I don't know where the arrow landed or where the other side is.

At the present time I am seeing some ugly looking thing with an ugly face almost like a dragon's face with beady eyes. Someone just cut it's head off and they are holding it up. Showing it to whoever is around. This whole thing is bizarre! My hand is getting numb.

I see a white horse fall and it's rider falls onto the ground. His horse is running off. The Rider rises to his feet and pulls his long sword. I see him swinging it. There are creatures coming at him but he is just standing there by himself.

WOW!! All of a sudden there is a sensation all over My body. This is incredible! My body is starting to tremble but I am still seeing this lone soldier or warrior swinging his sword. His adversaries keep coming and keep coming at an extremely rapid rate. They keep coming and they keep coming and he just keeps swinging his sword without fear, without a wasted movement.

He is not budging to the right or to the left but these things are coming extremely fast, I believe on horses? I am not really sure but he is mowing them down all by himself. He has a long sword, shiny and silver in color. I see an adversary jump on him. He catches him with his sword and he throws him off like a piece of toast. Then He stands there for the next one. HOW BIZARRE!

I see Christ now on a white horse looking down from this hill at this lone soldier. Christ doesn't say a Word. Now I see other soldiers on their white horses coming by and picking up the stranded soldier. They are so cool, so calm about it. There is no cheering. A soldier picks him up and they ride off double. They are so calm, so cool about it just as if it were another day. IT'S UNBELIEVABLE!

I can see Christ at a distance. He is not riding with them. The neck of Christ's horse is incredibly thick with a white head. I really can't see Christ's Body but I know it's Him, if you can believe that. You can feel His Authority, His Power. My arm is starting to kill me with pain. It's starting to hurt. I don't know how long its been extended.

8:46 AM. I can't move it. I still feel the spike. I wish I could understand this stuff. The more I think I know, the more I know I do not know a thing. What's so funny is when these creatures get stabbed during the battle. I can't see their bodies. I have no idea where they fall or go. There are no bodies lying around but I did see them charge this lone soldier. My hand is really starting to hurt. That's all for right now.

8:50 AM. I see a tiger's face with bright red eyes staring at me. I really do not understand what's going on but I can see things in the Spiritual World. I surely cannot understand why or there meaning. I see this creature. I thought it was a Ram because its horns were curled and curlicue like a snail. They are really thick horns. This creature has a thin face and slender like a deer, but thinner than a Ram's head. I haven't the slightest idea what's going on. My mind is at a loss.

8:53 AM. I see this large white horse, the same one I saw before; strong looking and very full bodied but it's hard to explain. There is a bright light with nobody riding this horse and I am looking up at it. It's on a cloud and I see this other creature that looks like the airplane SST with its pointed nose and broad wings. I have no idea what it is. It's gray in color with big broad wings and claws. It's making a kind of squealing sound.

I see these Warriors on white horses running side by side. They are attacking this flying creature on their horses. It's funny because they are flying in the air. I don't know what's keeping them up. They have this creature surrounded. They are throwing things at it. These white horses with Soldier or Warriors are attacking this flying creature. They must have done something because the creature is falling to the ground, if there is a ground. It's going down, wherever down is. I do not see a planet or anything below. I see them riding off. Everything looks so calm, just as if it's an everyday occurrence. There is no cheering. I do not understand this stuff.

9:04 AM. Vision: I see this creature that looks almost like a dinosaur with a thin small face. It has a fin running up its back to its head. I see this other creature with a beak, two big eyes and its neck. I think one of them is flying. I don't see it but I sense something is flying. I can't tell its shape but I know something is up there flying. I feel pain and a pressure sensation going from my palm, up my wrist, up my arm, to my shoulder. At the present time it seems to stop there but I feel it "whooshing," going through my body to the other shoulder. It seems to stop there.

9:14 AM. Vision: I am looking directly down at the point of a pyramid. I mean directly at the vertex. I am quite a ways up. I don't understand this either.

9:18 AM. I have been praying in tongues for ten minutes. There are some strange sounds coming out of my prayer language. I don't understand.

9:24 AM. I am not really in any pain. I believe I could break this just by moving my hand but I am going to wait it out. There must be a reason behind all this. My right hand is sleepy and a little numb. I am not in any pain but I will see what happens.


Hello Ray! How do you feel, kind of bewildered? I am letting you see some of the things in the spiritual world. Just to give you an idea of why you can't understand some things. Your mind isn't equipped to understand the Spiritual World but it is a reality. Because you can't understand it, it doesn't mean it isn't real.

I want to thank you for your patience in recording the events you saw. As time progresses I'll show you other things but be patient. The Holy Spirit will guide you; will show you.

I know what you are seeing right now. A three headed monster, at least you think it's a monster. You're just used to seeing things with one head but there are things with many heads. Don't let it shock you. Don't let it startle you. I am just giving you a peak of the Spiritual World.

It's more vast, it's more complex than your mind could comprehend, for Jehovah God is a simple God. Yet His Creations, go on forever. The ways and manners of My Creations man cannot understand. He never could and he never will.

Your hand will come back to normal within five minutes. Have a good day. I know you have not been working. That's why I gave you this little job today. Just trust Me, Ray. Jehovah will not let you down. I will send people with money, with paper, with prayers, with whatever you need.

Just focus on Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Peace be with you My son. Peace be with you My son, have a good day, and pray and have Communion. For the Earthquake will hit California. So think of Me and I will think of you with love and affection. I will protect you and guide you.

Your Heavenly Father with My Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit will always be here for My Lambs and My Sheep. For I won't forsake My Saints, ever! You can count on that, Ray. This is Jehovah, Maker, Breaker of the Universe. The Same Today as Yesterday and Tomorrow. I love you My son, peace be with you.