131. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 3 July 1992 at 1:35 PM. Friday in Spanish.

Ark. Ark My son. The earthquake that's going to hit California; it's going to frighten everyone for the force of it is going to destroy many things; Houses, and Businesses, and many will die. I am telling you what's going to happen before it happens. It mentions earthquakes in the Bible, and there is one that's going to hit California and many people are going to die. What a Shame. What a Shame. The day of My Son is very close. You have to hear Me with your ears for here comes the time of the quake.

Hear Me! Hear Me! The Heart and the Body of My Son are going to be frightened. How many times have I told you of what is going to happen, and you don't listen to Me. You place your Hands in your ears. You place your Hands over your eyes, and you bury your head in the ground. All that I am telling you is going to happen. The date of My Son is almost here. If you don't open your ears and eyes the devil is going to eat you. So don't say, "I didn't warn you." It's going to hit California very hard.

This is your Father, the God of the World, of Heaven, of all that is and is going to be. With My Son Jesus, the Christ of all the World, with the Holy Spirit, with Tears on My Eyes, I am telling you. I know in My Heart that you're not going to listen to Me. It is what it is, what is going to happen, for your Father doesn't Lie. Look! I want to save you, for I love you with the love of My Heart. I want to save you because here comes the day. With the Love of My Heart, with the Love of the World, with the Love of Heaven, with Tears on My Eyes, I want to save you with My Word.