128. Prophecy and Occurrence given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 July 1992 at 9:18 AM. and 3:01 AM. in Spanish.

Occurrence: 3:01 AM.

I don't know for sure. I think I am beginning to hear audible sounds in the spirit. This is the second time it has happened. The first time, I heard the sound of machine gun fire. This week, well, I can't explain it. I wish I could, I am hearing sounds that are waking me up in the middle of the night. I don't believe they are from this World. Sounds that are supernatural and so real. I don't know how to describe it. That's all I can say.

Prophecy: 9:18 AM.

My Face. My Face. My Face, My son, you're going to have to make yourself strong. For the days that are coming are going to be hard. The Ones who think they know everything are going to come. They are going to try to eat you. They are going to start. They are going to start. Hear Me, My Son! They are getting ready with the force of man, but what I want you to do, is to do nothing. Don't say anything just close your Lips and say Nothing.

This is your God. This is your God, for I am the God of everything, of the World, of Heaven. I will correct them with My Hand, with My Strong Hand. I will fix them until they cry with tears for their God. For they took My Word and they didn't do what I told them. That's the way it's going to happen. For the time is arriving that people are going to suffer.

People are going to have to take My Word. For no one, NO ONE CAN STOP MY WORD. For My Hand is very heavy. For the men that think they know, they're going to find out who is the God of the World, and of Heaven. For the word of man is nothing.

This is your God. This is your God. My son don't worry about anything. You're in My Hands. You're in My Hands. The Hands of God, the Father and no one can take you from My Hands. Remember that! Remember the gifts. For you're going to have the gifts and if you have to use them, USE THEM WITH THE MIND OF GOD. This is your God, your Father of Heaven, of all that is, and of all that isn't, with My Son and the Holy Spirit. Don't worry! It's going to be easy, for you're in My Hands.