127. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 July 1992 at 4:16 PM. in English.


I saw a multitude of Angels coming on a Cloud with a Trumpet of Horns sounding loudly and wailing with a sound that shook the Earth and the Heavens. All the demonic forces ran into hiding for they knew that their end was at hand.


For what was predicted in the Bible was upon them. They knew all that was upon them was the great abyss. For what Jehovah says, Jesus does. What was said in the Bible many centuries ago will bring to a conclusion all that is evil. For Jehovah will not allow evil of any kind and will not put up with it.

For all that is Righteous, for all that is Pure, for all that is Clean, is Jehovah. Your Heavenly Host is Righteous and is the Truth Today, Tomorrow and Forever. Please understand My Saints. For what Jehovah says, Jehovah does the Power of the Holy Spirit, My Son is the implementor of the Law. Your knee has to Bow and Confess that He is King of Kings, Lord of Lords. So listen to these Words of Wisdom. Pay attention to all the Prophecies for everything Jehovah has said will come to be. Not a Letter, not a Word will go Void.

For I promised My Saints many Centuries ago that I would warn them when the end was approaching them. I told them I would not abandon them. The time is Here, Now! Listen to the Prophecies with an open ear, open eye, and a open Heart. For only the wise ones will come. The stiff necked, the hard head, the hard heart will be confused, will be bewildered, and some will find the pit.

For they are not listening to their God Jehovah and His Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth through the Power of the Holy Spirit. So Listen well My Children, for the hour is upon you and nothing that man says or does can change what Jehovah says, what Jehovah does.

With Love in My Heart and a tear in My Eye climb on the Ark and sit there and wait. But before you climb in, tell as many of your Brothers and Sisters, all the Saints that you can find. No matter where they are. For the hour is upon you. The Bugle is about to be blown and the coming of the new world will be upon you without notice. Jehovah says, Jehovah does.