126. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 1 July 1992 at 4:55 AM. in English, Spanish, and Non-understandable Tongues.


I love you Ray. The hour has approached where you will be used in a supernatural way. Relax, be calm. For the Holy Spirit will show you and guide you. (Non-understandable tongues?)


The Sheep that likes you. The Sheep that likes you is your lady. The Sheep with the hair of gold is your Sheep if you want her. Her heart is moving this minute for you because she's your Sheep. She's your Sheep. The Sheep with the golden hair, the hair of gold, She thinks of you everyday. When She sleeps, when she gets up, all she has on her mind is you. The love of her heart burns, it burns her heart. She's impatient to see you, to touch you with her arms, with her lips, the lady with the golden hair. Yes, that's the lady that has the heart that's hungry for you.