118. Prophecy and Vision given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 June 1992 at 9:32 PM. English.


During Prayer I saw an American Bison. I guess you call it another Buffalo. It didn't look like the one I saw earlier. That's about all. I don't understand this Buffalo stuff.


Ah Yes, Ray, I am still here, for the Power and Glory belongs to Jehovah. For the Power and Glory Belongs to Jesus Christ. For the Power and the Glory Belongs to the Holy Spirit. Listen to Me, World! Listen to Me, you sinners. Listen to Me, the Ones who don't believe in Jehovah, for this Message is for you and only for you. For I have set aside this time to speak to you.

My Wrath is going to befall you without mercy. For I Hate everything that is dirty. Everything that is unclean. Everything that Satan has touched in any manner, shape, or form. For everything that belongs to Jehovah is Clean, Pure, and Righteous. I am warning you, World. I am warning you, Planet Earth. The day of My Wrath will befall you without Warning. The Heaviness of My Hand you will feel. You will want to dig a hole to bury yourself. For My Wrath will befall everything that is not Clean and Pure.

For I am going to shake this Planet off its axis. I am going to turn it upside down and inside out. For the day that was stated in the Bible is before you. I have said it politely. I have said it loudly. I have told you in every conceivable way to put your Evil ways away, and to turn away from Satan and to turn to Me.

I have warned you for thousands, thousands of years and you are a stiff necked People. You don't listen, so you have been warned. So when the Ax falls..., and the stone that's around your neck, the one that will send you to the Pit, to the Abyss, to Gehenna, that will be your reward for following your god Satan, himself.

For Jehovah, the Creator of the Universe of the Heavens, of the Stars, of everything, is bringing this Planet to a close. You, your families of demons, and Satan worshipers, you witches, you new Agers, you positive thinkers, all you abominations to your Lord Jehovah, are going to wrapped up and thrown in the Pit of Hell without mercy. This Planet is going to be shook up beyond your belief, and see if your god can save you. For you all will wind up in the same Place, at the same time with all your Brothers and Sisters of Evil.

For I, Jehovah, cannot keep My Eyes closed any longer. For the prayers of My Saints have been rattling My Ears for years and years and years. I, Jehovah, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Power of the Holy Spirit, We are bringing this Planet to a close. I don't care if you believe it of not. For when that day comes you will see who is the True God of the Universe, Who is the Lord of Lords, the King of Kings. For the Power of God is the only Power in the Universe.