114. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 26 June 1992 at 11:02 AM. in English.

I will befall on you the complete and total blessing with the gifts, the promises, the guarantees. For you will do everything I ask you, to the letter, to the word. For I read your Heart. The time table of all the occurrences that will occur will happen in a manner and in a way that it will encourage, lift up the Body of Christ beyond your comprehension.

I know you still worry. I know you are trying to place earthly ideas in ways that apply to the Prophecies, but like I told you earlier Ray, the earthly mind, the sinful mind, cannot comprehend, cannot understand the ways of God, Jehovah, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The ways of man lead to the pit. Pray to Me with intensity and I will show you things through the Prophecies that you never could comprehend with your Earthly Mind.

Be attentive, be courageous, for the enemy has been trying to confuse you, with women, with money, with friends, with pastors, with ideas that are contrary to My Word. Focus all your mind, all your soul, and your spirit in one direction towards Jehovah, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. For you have the Power of the Holy Ghost in you, though you don't know how to use it, as of today.

But when it does appear, be assured that nothing in the Universe can defeat the Holy Ghost. The Power, the Might of God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, can overcome anything and everything without any effort. So be strong, be wise. I know the walk is difficult at times. For the enemy Satan, is trying to throw his most powerful demonic force in your direction. I know you have not even sensed it or felt it because My Heavenly Angels have you so well protected. Nothing in the Universe can stop My Word through you.

For the hour and the day is here that was stated in the Bible through the Prophet Joel. For the closing of this Planet will be done according to the Word of Jehovah, your God. So take courage, be wise. For the time and the hour will be rapidly coming.

When the crow crows in the morning, will be the time of the first tribulation on this Planet. In the country of the far east when the false prophet uses the false word that the devil gave him to defame and to Blaspheme against the Almighty Jehovah. For the Power, and the Glory, and the Honor belongs to Jehovah, and only Jehovah. And Jehovah will not allow his Name to be Blasphemed in any manner, and in any shape, at any time for the pot does not tell the Potter what to do at anytime at any place.

So document, record, and Pray for this little Planet, for it has been and it has outlived its usefulness to your own Mighty God, Jehovah. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah the Maker, the Breaker of the Universe.

All Power and Glory goes to the Father. All Power and Glory goes to the Father. Heavenly Father, Heavenly Father, all Honor and Glory goes to the Father. All Honor and Glory and Praise goes to the Father. Praise to you Father. Praise to you Father. Heavenly Father, I will do exactly what you told Me to do, to the Letter, to the Word. For I obey you, Jehovah, without question. For you deserve all the Praise, the Glory, all the Honor Now and forever and Ever. Praise and Glory be to the Father. Praise and Glory be to the Father. Praise and Glory be to the Father. This is Jesus. This is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I honor you. I respect you. I give you all the Praise, Honor and Glory. All the Praise, Honor and Glory for I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you.