107. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 23 June 1992 at 5:24 PM. in English.

I want you to listen to Me, Ray. Because what you are feeling at the present time is an attack from the enemy. So keep your Armor on. Make yourself strong, and pray until the battle is over. Then proceed to type My Written Word, just have patience. You will get attacked, that is part of War, but like I told you earlier, you are heavily protected, but you have to pray and pray with strength, with conviction.

For I know they are trying to work on your mind. I know they are trying to convince you to stop. I know they are trying to confuse you. I know the enemy is compiling some heavy demonic forces against you this very second. You have sensed it in your spirit. That's why you have been praying. So keep praying, make yourself strong. For there is nothing they can do.

For you are in the Hand of God. My Angels are all over your house, in the air, in your room, all over. You can't see them, but they are doing the fighting for you. But your prayers direct them. They direct them in the spirit to the areas you are vulnerable. Your prayers will direct the Angels to combat the demonic forces, that are concentrating on your weak areas.

I know you feel the pressure of the War. I know you are a very determined man. So hang in there. We have a lot more to talk about, a lot more things to say. I know you are falling behind, but that's to be expected. For I have a lot to say, so hang in there, and pray until this little battle is over. Then go back to your computer, and get to work. For the information you are putting down is important. You might not see it, or understand it right now, but you will see later.