83. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 10 June 1992 at 2:01 AM. Wednesday in tongues and Spanish.

Why? Why? Why? Are the things that you want more important than your God, the God, of Heaven, of the World, of the Stars, of all that is, and what's going to be? The People of the World are going to wake up one day and it's going to be to late, because the devil is going to come and he's going to eat them head first. For they didn't hear Me with their ears. The day that I said to you, years, years, and years ago, to your Fathers and your Father's Fathers, has started!

What a shame! What a shame! You think more of your possessions, your house, your cars, your boy friend, girl friend, your husband, your wife, your sons, your Daughters more than your God. What a shame!

I am saying with the love of My Heart, on My Lips. I am telling you in a manner that you can understand. With the love of My Heart, I love you, with My Son Jesus, and with the Holy Spirit. Hear Me! This is your Father. I am saying with the love I had when I made you, when I created the world, the stars, and all that you can see and touch, but the time is here. I know you don't believe Me, I know you're not going to believe Reymundo. I know your hardened Heart is like a rock. That hardened Rock in your Heart is going to find you the place that I made for the devil.

It is here. That's all that I can say. For I have told you for years, years, and years, and you're not listening. You're not looking for Me. You're putting such pretty words on your lips, but your heart is hard as a rock. What a shame, because I am going to clean up everything that's dirty.

This is your Father saying Words with Love, because I am the Word that made everything, the World and the Stars. I am going to tell My Son Jesus to clean everything, and to leave nothing. I am going to say it once more! To leave nothing that's dirty. What I have is Clean and it's Straight.

It's not important if you believe, your Pastor can save you, or the angel that you Pray too, or your mother, or your father, or your money, or your car, or your house. I am going to tell My Son, only what He wants, that is Clean, to enter into the Doors of Heaven, because My Son is the Law and He does what I tell him.

That's the way sons have to be with their Father's. That's the way the Father is with His Son, Christ. The Two are One in Mind, and in Spirit. My Son died for you, and still you won't change your heart. So many years have gone by and you still haven't changed your mind and spirit. All that you think about is money, and the things you can get. What you're going to get is a place with the devil, your god. I won't wait any longer because I have given you all the chances that you needed to come to Heaven with Me. The Saints that are looking for Me are going to come for all the time that there is time, because I gave them My Word: "That if they looked for Me, I would Save them."

The rest, it hurts My Heart because I am going to lose them. For I gave them a chance and they ran with their god the devil and they believe that they believe so much. They're going to be surprised because the day is coming that I am going to close the Book of life.

Then My Son will call you and he will ask you. "What have you done to help My Father to Clean Up this World?" You're going to have to say, because He can read your Heart, your Mind and your Spirit. And what He tells you, you're going to have to do. If he says, you can't go to Heaven, you can't go. That's all there is to it! That's the way it's going to be.

This is your God, the Father of Heaven, of all that is and what is going to be. I am tired now with Tears in My Eyes. The time is here that the Book is going to close on this World. I am not going to tell you the date but it's there in front of your nose. That's all that your Father can tell you with My Reymundo on this date. But look, you have to OPEN your EYES and your EARS because Reymundo cannot help you!

No one can help you except Christ, the Holy Spirit and Me, your Father. Remember that, because My son Reymundo is only My Word. Your God is: Christ, the Holy Spirit and your Father. Did you hear Me? That's all, I am going to tell you with much happiness. This is your Father. This is your Father with the straight Word. Hear Me! Hear Me! Hear Me!