82. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 8 June 1992 at 7:34 PM. Monday in tongues English.

I love you. I love Ray. Just hang in there a little while longer, because there are certain things that I have to say. To copy My Words the best way you can, the best you hear them. I know it's difficult for you, but remember you have God on your side, and you will not put down anything that is of you. So just relax. Relax and do your Job. For I reward My Saints that are obedient to My Word.

For since time began the Saints that have received My Word, have had trouble in carrying it out. For the World cannot comprehend the Mind and the Methods of Jehovah, God. They never could and they never will. For they live in sin and the sin can never understand what is Righteous, what is Good. So I'll bare with you, as you bare with Me.

I know you were upset because I placed you at that Birthday Party on Sunday, but Ray, you have to be obedient. I know you were uncomfortable. I know they alienate you, but listen Ray, this World, this Planet of yours is running out of time. The Prophets of old went through worse things than you have. So remember, everyone that delivers Messages from Me gets persecuted, but I am with you, remember that. Accept the duties and responsibilities of your office, for I think you're doing a good Job.

I know you're still worried, but that's where Faith comes in Ray. You have to have the Faith. You have to trust Me, but I am going to give you some Gifts that you can use to protect yourself, when you get attacked by certain Theologians, certain Christians, certain New Agers, certain Witches, certain Demons. For I know you have been Battling on an hour to hour basis with Demonic Forces, for the last three years. I know you were completely confused at the beginning, but you wear your armor well now Ray. They don't mess with you like they used to, because I have you so well protected. I can still understand how you feel. For when they do take those arrows and they catch you with your shield down, I know it hurts, but you're doing good, you're doing well.

I promise you some things and I will deliver. The hour and the day for the things that I have promised you has already been set. Be patient Ray, for the hour and the day is in front of your nose. I am going to give you some instructions on how to deliver these Prophecies, and in the manner in which the Prophecies should be handled. But for right now, I want you just to write them down. Just don't worry so much, because nothing in the Universe, in the Heavens, in the Stars, can interfere with our work.

For My Spoken Word will never be broken, but the hour has come that was stated in the Bible thousands of years ago, for the coming of Christ on the cloud is close at hand. I cannot tell you when. Just write what I tell you, when I tell you, and Pray to Me, Ray. Pray to Me, because I know you want to get to know Me better, but just have patience. But remember you're going to receive some Gifts from the Holy Spirit. They are going to shock you at first, startle you, but use them wisely. For I know that you feel helpless, but I have never abandoned, and never will abandon My Apostles, My Prophets, My Saints; that Word will never be broken. So Peace be it, with you.

Remember, in front of your nose, it's there, what I promise. Peace be with you My son. For We will talk again. This is Jehovah. This is the God of all, the First and the Last of everything in the Universe. With Love and Peace, I bid you farewell until the next time you pray. I love you.