77. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 6 June 1992 at 3:16 PM Saturday in tongues Spanish and English.


What a shame, What a shame that the world is going to end, but it has to be. It has to pass because the hour has arrived, open your Heart, your Mind.


Your Heavenly Father wants your attention for the time will arrive as I mentioned earlier. For the Body of Christ has to discern, has to become one for the hour of the day is upon you. And the Hail from Heaven will fall without Mercy. The Hail of Heaven will Destroy. The Hail of Heaven will Annihilate. The Hail of Heaven will Purify the Evil. The Hail of Heaven is upon you this very hour that will reveal the coming of Christ.

For the Saints of Christ it will be a Wondrous Day. For the saints of Satan it will be the end of the end. For the Bugle of Heaven has been and will always be prepared, for the coming of My Son. Look up and see. See, for the clouds will contain the answer that you have been waiting for. For at the twinkling of an eye there will be a new beginning more miraculous, more wonderful than you could ever comprehend.

So pay attention to the Prophets, pay attention to Jehovah, pay attention to Jesus Christ, pay attention to the Holy Spirit. For when that day and hour comes. Everyone will be in dismay and bewilderment, for it is stated in the Bible. It will come to be. So be it, so saith Jehovah the God of the Universe. The God of all that is and will be, the God of everything.