72. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 2 June 1992 at 10:47 AM. in English.

I want you to proceed at a steady pace with the Prophecies. I want you to proof read them until you feel that My Word, through the Holy Spirit, has flowed through you to the best of your ability. Listen to the Holy Ghost, take guidance, take strength for what you write is not of you. You are trying to apply human, earthly standards to what I Say. You might not understand what I am trying to say, or in the manner I am trying say it, or in the language, but trust Me, Ray. It might not be grammatically correct. It might not sound pretty.

It might not be of a form you like. My Word or Words never come back void just brace yourself for there are going to be those Brothers and Sisters that will attack you. For in the manner and in the way that My Word was transposed into the English Language, but don't let it bother you. For there will always be people like that. People with hardened hearts. People that cannot see and People that just don't want to see. They wouldn't see it and they wouldn't digest it, even if it came out perfectly clear to the letter, to the every dot on every (i). For I have a place for those type of People, Ray. Remember that!

So be strong, be courageous and just type what you hear. In the manner in which it comes out. Don't try to analyze it and change it. Just listen to the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will guide you mentally, physically, in the grammar, in the spelling, in the sentence structure. Now listen! This is not of you. I know there are times you want to make it sound nice.

Trust Me, Ray! For when the Lord Jehovah speaks there is never an error. So be patient, be strong and listen to the Holy Spirit. Listen to that voice that tells you which letters to capitalize, which ones not to, what to emphasize. You are My Servant. You are My Friend. You are My Lamb, just relax. Don't worry! For I will let you know how and when to distribute the Prophecies and Visions. For there will be many more, so pace yourself. Don't worry about money. Don't worry, just be patient, be strong. For I am going to protect you.