63. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on the 26 May 1992 at 2:20 AM Tuesday, in tongues, English, and non-understandable tongues.

When the hour strikes three, the Bomb will go off in the City of Paris. When the time, of the Rebellion is in the works, the Bomb will go off at 3 o'clock, Paris time, on the day of the great storm. The wind, the rain will be blowing, the lighting will be striking. The city will be in total shambles at precisely 3:03. The life of many will be lost, because the Officials believed that they were safe from the Mad Man that will deceive the city.

So mark My Words. The day and the hour will begin. When the Beast is allowed access to certain documents, that will incriminate certain City Officials. He will use the documents to persuade the Officials, to deceive the Officials, to allow him access to certain documents, that will give him power. So the Beast will triumph over Paris with the Bomb at 3 o'clock, on the day of the storm, when the City and the World least expect.

For the Accomplice of the Beast will gain momentum, as the corrupt Officials are tortured with their own words. For no one will be safe from the Accomplice. In the hour, and in the manner that he chooses, he will do what he wants. So saith Jehovah. Remember My Words, the Beast and the Accomplice will arrive at the appointed time. So beware and listen to My Prophets. For they are in your midst. Trust in your God, Jehovah, with all your might, for the hour is almost here. (Non- understandable tongues?) Farewell. Farewell.