49. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 12 May 1992, Tuesday at 9:13 AM. in tongues, English.

Come! Come! You faithful people, I have My Arms open. Come! Come to Heaven, We are waiting for you, all the Angels, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Me, Jehovah. Come! You're welcome, We have been waiting. Repent, make yourselves clean. You're welcome! Everyone is welcome.

The Hour is almost here. The day and the hour has been picked. The day of Mecca, the day of Deliverance, the day of Glory, the day that the Universe has been waiting for, is rapidly approaching. Tell your friends, tell your brothers, tell your sisters, tell your neighbors. Stand on the mountain tops and scream it with every breath that you have, as loud as you can. For it will come like the day it happened, in Noah's time. Suddenly without warning, like a thief in the night, but it will be Wondrous. It will be Glorious for the saints, for the saints of Christ, like I told you earlier. The players have their roles, the stage has been set, the hour has been appointed.

The Star is on its way. It's moving at speeds that you cannot comprehend, but it's on its way. Look at the clouds, look at the sky, look for Jesus, look for Jesus. The day of Satan is finished because the hour and the day has been appointed.

The Angels of Heaven have been impatiently waiting for hundreds and hundreds and thousands of years, their battle uniforms are ready. Some are already at War. Some are fighting this very second, though you cannot see them. The Battle has been going on fearlessly, since DEC. 2, DEC. 2, 1990. The Battle began, but how can you understand such things.

You're used to your little world, your little toys, your little games, your little problems; how can you understand the spiritual world? It's more vast, more complex than your little minds can comprehend. This is your Father. The Father of Heaven and Earth, of all that is and will be, and has been.

Listen to Me, I have been talking to you for thousands and thousands of years, look at your watch. There is going to be a time that there will be no time. The time of the watch is finished, and its rapidly approaching. It's like you're rapidly walking in the dark, and there is a cliff in front of you. Then all of a sudden you decide to run as fast as you can toward the cliff, and you don't even know it's there. You just blindly go as fast as you can, unaware of what's in front of you. That's how it will be at the end. Suddenly, you won't be able to stop.

The day of bickering between churches, the day of fighting between your brothers and sisters is coming to end. You might think, some of you, these are the words of a crazy man. This Prophet of Mine is going to be persecuted, for delivering this Word, but remember he's in My Hands. Remember those that go against him are going against Me, and the Wrath of Me, you cannot evade. For I protect My Prophets, I protect My Apostles, and you don't fool around with the people I choose. You don't use the Bible to justify what you want. For I am the First Word and I am the Last Word, and that's all there is to it. Think! Before you go against an Apostle, you pray and you better be Right, for My Wrath will be upon you, without Mercy.

Because the time is coming, that there won't be time. I am taking off My Gloves and I will show you, the world, the Universe, who is the real True God, for nothing, and I mean nothing, was Created without Me. So you people with little minds, with your closed hearts, with your hearts of stone, you've been warned. I have tried telling you, politely, quietly, loudly, in times of peace, in times of war, in every conceivable way. I have tried to show you the Truth; to be Righteous; to Repent; to reach out for Me; to be Good to each other. What do you do? You stone My Prophets, you mock them, you torture them, you kill them, and you blaspheme against Me. And you laugh and dance on their graves. When you hurt them, you hurt Me, and it's gone long enough.

So look at the sky. Look for Me, for what I say will be done. I am the Creator, the Maker, the Cover, the Protector of the Universe. Through My Son, Jesus Christ is the only way, the Only Path to Salvation. It's Simple, it's Straight, it's Direct, it's to the Point. There is no ands, buts, or ifs about it. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah. I want you to remember, I am the same today as I was yesterday, I loved you then, I love you now, but the day of Noah is rapidly approaching. Wake up! Listen! See!

See the signs that are in the Bible. Don't be Stupid! Don't be Stupid My Children, for the year and the day will be when you least expect it. Remember that, when you least expect it! Farewell My Children. See you in Heaven, you lucky ones. But I'll Cry and I'll Cry for the ones I lost, for I love them too. With tears in My Eyes and love in My Heart, what more can I say. What more can I do. But warn you, My Little Ones. I love you. This is Jehovah. This is Jehovah, your Loving Father. Peace be with you.