29. Prophecy given to Raymond Aguilera on 14 January 1991 in tongues, English and Non- understandable tongues.


Yea Man, how are you today? How are you today Man? I Love yea. I sure do. Man I love yea so much. Oh Man, I love you. Man, I love yea so much. What can I say man? You make My..., you make My Heart flutter every time I think about you. You sure do Man! Nothing but good. There is nothing but Good when I think about you. Yeah. Yeah, My Good ones. Yeah, My Good Ones are so good. Oh I love them so much.

They try so hard even though they fall. They fall every now and then, but I pick them up. I pick them up because I know, I know their hearts. Their hearts are Good. Their hearts are Pure. Yeah. Oh, I love them so much. Yeah man, I love them so much, Man! Man!, I wish I could hold them. I wish I could hold every single one of you all the time. All the time, I want to hold you, man. I want to hold you.

But sometimes Man, I just got to let you go. I got to let you go. I got to let you do your own thing, man, But I know, man. I know you will turn to Me. I know you will turn to Me. I know, I know, I know your hearts. I know your hearts man. It's hard, it's hard seeing you fall sometimes, but I am always there. That's why I sent the Counselor. I sent the Counselor, Man!, the Holy Spirit.

Yeah, Yeah. Jesus Loves you man, Jesus Loves you, that's My Son. That's My Son Jesus, yeah! He is doing battle for you man. Yeah, He is doing battle for you. He Loves you. Talk to Him, man! Talk to Him, man! It's so simple, man. It's so simple. You know the war..., the war is going on. Yeah, it's going on, man. Jesus is busy, man. He is really busy, but He is never to busy for you. Never! Never! Oh yeah, He Loves you so much, man! He Loves you so much.

I wish..., I wish you could comprehend what I am trying to say. I wish you could..., I wish you could open those ears, and those eyes. I wish you could touch Us, and touch Us, and just mingle with Us, mingle our spirit together. Then you would know, you would know the beauty of Love, the beauty of Love.

But you have to get rid of that dirty self, man. You have to get rid of that dirty Body. You have to think clean. You have to think clean. You got to do what is right. You got to do what is right. Listen to Me, Sons and Daughters. You got to listen to Me. This is your Father. This is your Father, man. I LOVE YOU! I Love you!

Listen to the Counselor. Listen to the Counselor. Man, the Holy Spirit is going to teach you. He is going to teach all the right ways, but you have to pay attention, you got to pay attention, man! There are going to be people that are going to try to sway you to the right and to the left. But man, you just listen to the Counselor, and pray. Pray with your heart, your soul, man.

Reach out to Us. Reach out to Us, Man! We are there! We are right there, Man! We Love you. We aren't going to desert "youch." No way We are not going to desert "youch." For We Love you. We Love you. But We are running out of time. Man, We are running out of time. Listen to your conscience. Listen to your Holy Spirit talking to you, listen to your Heart. Listen to your brother. Listen to your neighbor. Love each other, just love, love, love, and you'll get love back. You'll get love back. Non- understandable tongues.