27. Occurrence Sunday Morning 2:35 AM. 30 December 1990.

This is crazy, I am so happy. I just got attacked a few minutes ago. Satan just tried to squeeze the guts out of me as I slept. It felt like an old steam roller rolling over my feet up to my Adam's apple. It left my chin extended and locked pointing toward the ceiling. The Lord Jesus Christ stopped it right at my throat, but the Lord protected me. He protected me. Oh, I feel so good. I feel so good. He protected me.

This evil presence crushed my body, except for my left arm and head, in the spirit. The only thing I could move was my left arm, and I lifted it, and I praised the Lord Jesus Christ. I praised the Lord Jesus Christ. I just kept praising and praising Him. I kept saying, "I am being attached for you over and over, but I love you, Lord Jesus Christ. I love you. I love you. I love you with all of my heart."

I tried to get this thing off me, but there wasn't anything I could do. But then Jesus Christ took it off and released me. I feel so good. I feel so good inside, because now I know, "It was all real". I know it's real, and not a fantasy, and the Lord is with me. Oh my God, do I love you. I know now, that everything is real. It's not a fantasy, and it's not something I made up. Oh Lord, somehow, I don't know, but souls are going to be won.

I wish everyone could understand this spiritual world stuff, but I guess you can't until you get physically attacked. For this minute, I know the reality of it. Satan is trying to kill me, but Lord, you wouldn't let him. Lord, you wouldn't let him, whatever it was. Lord, I love you. I will always love you. We will succeed, I don't know where I will get the strength, but you'll make it work. Somehow, some way you will do it. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Lord. Hallelujah!